Where you should travel next, based on your favorite song from “Fine Line”

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Anyone who knows me knows my deep love for Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter-actor Harry Styles has been lifelong. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to write a post in my entire life. Today’s post is credited to my friend Alyssa who put the idea in my head after sending me an email. Thanks, Alyssa. Love you queen.

Here’s where I, an inexperienced high school student, think you’ll go next based on your favorite song from Fine Line. Please note that these are mere suggestions and are probably vastly unrealistic.

If your favorite Harry Styles song is Golden

Look into Sicily!

A popular, although quieter vacation destination right on the Italian Coast, this song can blast into your ears as you take in the bright sunlight hitting you- If you want to listen to the song peacefully and just vibe, consider checking out the smaller villages.

Best times to travel: Sicily is open year-round, with most tourists coming between July-September. However, it is significantly less crowded than other Italian towns.

Watermelon Sugar? Check out St. Augustine, FL OR Oahu, HI!

With the warm temperatures year-round, the days in both of these places are like summer evenings. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US and has several historical landmarks around the city, along with beautiful beaches on its coast.

Best times to travel: springtime

Oahu is a touristy city, morphing the hustle-and-bustle of downtown with some warm, quieter beaches. The streets are filled with farmers markets and fresh produce- so the fruit is probably quite delicious. Based on personal experience, it is.

Best times to travel: April-June or September-December to beat the crowds!

Adore You? I feel like the obvious answer is the island of Eroda, but since that’s only a little but unrealistic I’ll have to suggest someplace else.

That place is none other than Milos, Greece!

A quieter island off the coast of Greece, it has beautiful beaches that will attract any tourist- the perfect place to adore whoever you came with; or yourself. Be proud of yourself! You’ve earned this trip, and go make the most of it.

Best times to travel: summertime

If Lights Up lightens up your mood…

Look into Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Not only does Amsterdam have more bikes than people, making it a bustling city with a hint of serenity; it has notable historical landmarks including the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. If Amsterdam piques your interest, check out my post about it here.

Continuing on, Amsterdam is also well-known for its famous Red Light District, which is probably the nightlife capital of Europe IMO. Amsterdam has a large marijuana influence- with “coffeeshops” not exactly selling coffee…The district also has several nightclubs and window girls, if that’s what you’re into. You do you, but be safe and responsible always.

Best times to travel: springtime or fall!

Are you a Cherry fan? Check out Washington, DC!

Originally, I was going to say Tokyo. However, that colorfuol, chaotic city just doesn’t fit the vibe of the songs. The capital of the US is bathed in bright shades of pink during springtime, with several cherry blossom festivals and is significantly less crowded than Tokyo. Filled to the brim of historical knowledge and landmarks, what’s not to like?

Best times to travel: springtime or fall!

Do you love Falling? Fall in love with Salzburg, Austria!

A known city for classical music, its cobblestoned streets are surrounded by history (and some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten). Check out the Mozart Museum or even the Salzburg Museum for some music history!

Best times to travel: fall

If you like To Be So Lonely…you won’t be lonely in Nashville, TN!

A bright, colorful southern city that houses Vanderbilt and Belmont University, you’ll never be bored in Nashville. With a bustling nightlife culture and music at every turn, it’s the place to be for musicians. Country music fan? Check out Luke Bryan’s rooftop bar!

Best times to travel: spring, summer, or fall!

Is She your favorite Fine Line song?

Check out San Francisco, CA!

Track number 8 on Fine Line is all about a male who is getting in touch with his feminine side, too afraid to break it out. However, with SF being a bright, colorful center for LGBTQIA+ culture and equality, you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself in San Francisco.

Best times to travel: autumn

Are you a Sunflower, vol. 6 fan? Look into Rotterdam, Netherlands!

Not too far from Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a city bathed in every color of every flower to ever exist. Significantly quieter than Amsterdam, you’ll come home from Rotterdam with enough flowers to start your own garden.

Best times to travel: spring and summer

Are you like me and love Canyon Moon?

Go to the Grand Canyon, AZ. Obviously.

Enough said.

JK. Other places to check out include Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton National Parks.

Best times to travel: springtime

TPWK fans should look into Paris!

Parisians may not have the most positive reputations- but I’ve only ever met nice Parisians, so.

Contradictory, the art capital of the world will give you chills- need I mention the mouth-watering baked goods and cafes?

Best times to travel: summer and fall

To close, fans of the title track should obviously go to Holmes Chapel.

I feel like this was obvious.

Along with being the home of my main subject today, Holmes Chapel was built in 1430- meaning, there’s plenty of historical background and landmarks to check out. An obvious stop is W Mandeville Bakery, where Harry Styles was of course, the “politest member of the staff,” according to his former boss.

Best times to travel: spring or autumn



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